Financial crime is a major concern for governments and institutions throughout the world, despite collaborative efforts from national and international agencies, financial crime is taking place on a daily basis. It remains one of the key factors for money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and market abuse. The regulators have therefore put the onus on organisations to implement ‘robust governance, effective risk procedures and adequate internal control mechanisms to manage their financial crime risk.’ You can rely on RFS financial crime to help you mitigate your exposure.


RFS Financial Crime is expert in all areas of financial crime. You can rely on our experience to build adequate systems and controls that are proportionate to the nature of your business. Our full suite of services covers you for all requirements.


For all remediation projects we can scope, set-up and deliver


Design and implement training for the entire organisation

Health Check

Benchmark against your peers, regulatory and legal standards


Advice on policy, process and practice


Expert in complex and challenging investigations

Four Eyes

Gain reassurance through a virtual team of experts.

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