Four Eyes

Four Eyes is a new service from RFS Financial Crime – a cost-effective way of accessing a virtual team of financial crime specialists to gain a double check or a wider perspective.

With Four Eyes MLROs and Senior Managers can be reassured that the governance, systems and controls – in relation to financial crime – is proportionate and in line with industry best practice.

MLROs and Senior Managers are under increasing pressure to mitigate financial crime risk. This is a complex arena, one that demands specialist knowledge and experience. MLROs are relied on to provide the answers yet they often act alone with no peers to turn to for a quick sanity check, cross reference or second opinion. Four Eyes fills that gap helping firms to ensure things are being done in the right way.

Four Eyes also fills another important gap – MLRO professional development. Each intervention through Four Eyes Premium is documented and helps the MLRO to maintain their knowledge by staying up to date with latest practice.

With annual subscription from £1,500, Four Eyes provides unlimited access to our team.

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